Real DAPL victims? Look in the mirror

Real DAPL victims? Look in the mirror

By Mike Sasser

Victimization is all the rage these days around the nation. In today’s world of polarized identity politics, things like “victimhood” and “outrage” are the new “successful” or “heroic.” While that may seem a bit Orwellian, it is nonetheless a fact of life – and one not changing anytime soon despite the average citizen’s abhorrence of it.

Look no further than North Dakota and the Dakota Access Pipeline saga for an example. Using alternative facts and buoyed by fake news, the array of anti-pipeline and anti-capitalist activists broke countless laws, terrorized actual N.D. residents and otherwise went wilding for months – all under the banner of having been victimized by the lawful regulatory process.

But just who has been the victim in this affair? Is it the protester whose complaints are built on a foundation of misinformation and propaganda? Is it the pipeline developer who played by the rules and still got caught up in the partisan political machinations of the previous administration?

No and no. If you want to see the victims here, have a look in the mirror or in the faces of your neighbors. North Dakota taxpayers are the real victims of the DAPL protest.

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