The Dakota Access Pipeline Must Be Built

The Dakota Access Pipeline Must Be Built

By Bette Grande

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) crosses the Missouri River near the water plant serving Williston, North Dakota, my hometown. However, you would never know that based on the national media coverage of the DAPL protests. It is just one of the inconvenient facts that are so easily ignored by the Alt-Left.

There were no protests when DAPL was buried under the Missouri River near Williston. Neil Young did not show up to protect the citizens of Williston. Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t bother to leave his yacht. There are 1,079 existing crude-oil-pipeline river crossings in North Dakota and more than 38,000 in the United States. Why did Neil and Leonardo and thousands of hired protestors get so worked up about a single water crossing in south-central North Dakota? Why wasn’t there any outrage in Williston and countless other towns?

We in North Dakota know what the DAPL protests were really about and it’s not water quality or sacred or historic sites. The protests were all about politics, intimidation, and bullying.

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