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The Cannonball River slobs

By Paul Danish The activists protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline call themselves “Water Protectors,” but there’s a more evocative one-syllable Anglo-Saxonism that better describes them. Slobs. Now that the last of the Protectors have been hauled out of the protest camp, authorities have been better able to...

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North Dakota Access Pipeline Protestors Light Their Camp on Fire, Spew Greenhouse Gases Into The Air

Liberal “environmentalists” and global warming fanatics have been camping along the North Dakota Access Pipeline route for months, demanding the project be shut down for the sake of preventing climate change. After numerous clashes with law enforcement and a cold winter, protestors have been told to remove themselves...

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House Energy and Commerce Hearing Highlights Critical Need to Invest in America’s Infrastructure

By Richard Kauzlarich, Opinion Contributor Last week’s House Energy and Commerce hearing on infrastructure development explored opportunities to improve America’s economic competitiveness through infrastructure. This could begin a unique opportunity to hear voices from across the political spectrum on critical policy initiatives that will guide America’s future role...

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